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You have an idea to start a business, to become a startup. And you want to develop it, make it successful, profitable. The first  stage will be the writing of a business plan, where, as a rule, a project is described, plans for its development and access to the market and much more. After that, work begins on the implementation of the project. In this way, companies often have to deal with various problems. This is a lack of competent leadership, qualified specialists, knowledge, capital and resources in order to properly manage their affairs. In general, for the success of the “enterprise”, additional funding is needed. It will be provided to us by the business accelerator. A business accelerator is a kind of tandem that unites people who “generate” an idea and companies that have a large capital stock, and have a wide experience in doing business, for example, investment funds. These companies help novice “startups” in developing further business plans, hiring experts, providing all the necessary resources on the way to success.

It is not always easy to find such investors. Accelerators do not “grab” for every idea, and do not want to lose their money. They have strict criteria for selecting potential “idea generators” by which one can say how real the startup’s entry into the market and its success will be.

We, in turn, are ready to help you in this matter. We will help you to present your project with dignity.

We will help you to realize your dream!

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