Opening company for citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries, service in Russian and Polish

Poland at the moment is the most stable and dynamically developing country in Europe, the sixth economy of the European Union.

Poland ranks 39th out of 189 countries in the simplicity of doing business and comfort for entrepreneurs. The position of the state in relation to foreigners is very clear here-if you know how, and are ready to build a business that will give a revenue to the treasury and generate jobs, you get a “green light” in your endeavors.

  • Consider the advantages of opening your company in Poland.1) You are a full owner of a company that can operate throughout the EU. You are exempt from customs duties and automatically become a member of the European lending program. This gives low interest rates on loans (from 2%) and a simple procedure for issuing a loan.2) Based on the fact that you are a member of the board of a Polish firm, you receive an annual national visa with the right to work, which gives you the opportunity to obtain a residence permit (card) and, as a result, permanent residence and citizenship of Poland for you and your family members.3) Your children will be able to receive a free European education by joining public universities in Poland4) Motor transport for leasing in Poland at low rates.5) Possibility of receiving subsidies and subsidies from the European Union for the development of your business.

    6) The optimal tax system compared with other EU countries – in Poland, the СIT  tax is 19%, while in Germany – 30%, Hungary – 20.6%, Estonia – 21%.

You ask what is needed for this, the answer is simple  – to create a company and open an account with a bank, you need only a valid passport of the founder, and the whole procedure lasts only about a month. Here are the main stages of creating a company:

1) Signing a contract with the company in the form of a notarial deed, which contains the basic information (name and address of the person, activity, number of shareholders).

2) The payment of the charter capital for the purpose of company registration – in comparison with other countries of the European Union requires relatively small authorized capital (about 1250 euros), low operating costs of the company – from 120 euros per month. Notarial registration costs about 1000 euros.

3) Company registration in the National Court Register. This register is maintained by the Economic Court (“KraiowyRejestrSadowy” abbreviated version – KRS).

  • What we can  offer you:The cost of opening a company in Poland “turnkey company” –4 000 PLN (~ 1 000 Euro)In addition, we offer:
    • Accounting services of the company – 100 Euro per month
    • Lease of the legal address – 20 Euro per month (subject to the registration of the company we have – renting legal addresses for the year for FREE)

    What includes the service of opening a company “on a turn-key basis”:

    • Selection of the type of activity according to ,,Codes of businesses,, and the development of an individual company charter;
    • Registration and receipt of an extract in the National Court Register of the Economic Court (KRS). Based on the extract from KRS, the applicant receives a business visa of category C04
    • Receipt of an individual tax number NIP;
    • Registration of the applicant’s company in the Statistics Department and receipt of the REGON number;
    • Registration of a legal entity in the ZUS Social Security Administration and the VAT payer;
    • Renting a legal address for a period of 1 year (virtual address);
    • Payment for notary services and state duties;
    • Consultations at all stages of registration;
    • Services of professional translators throughout the stage of formation and further service.

    The final stage of the company’s opening is the opening of a bank account in Poland. We have extensive experience working with banks, so we can always recommend you a reliable bank.

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