Preparation of the company for entering the stock exchange, debut on the stock exchange

The company usually thinks about entering the stock exchange, when it looks for the new source of financing or exit of the part of shareholders. The question arises in the company – how to  attract an additional capital in other ways. One of them is the company’s debut on the stock exchange.

What are the benefits:

1) Increase in cash and long-term capital.

2) Increase the market value of the company.

3) Mergers and acquisitions (After listing on the stock, shares in free circulation on the securities market can be used as a kind of currency for acquiring other companies).

4) Increased liquidity.

5) Motivation of key specialists by shares distribution plans.

6) Improving the company’s image.

Listing on the stock exchange is a serious matter. Many companies begin to prepare for activities as a public company long before. Advance preparation is one of the key factors for the successful achievement of the desired result without failures and unpleasant surprises in the course of the project implementation.

What is required:

1) Creation of a strong management team.

2) Systems of forecasting, budgeting and evaluation of results.

3) Establishment of an audit committee.

4) Creating a positive image of the company.

5) Financial / Interim Reporting.

6) Selection of legal advisers and independent auditors.

Entering the stock exchange is a multi-step process that involves:

  • collecting financial data,
  • marketing;
  • carrying out of financial and legal due diligence of financial and economic activity of the company; preparation of the issue prospectus and its coordination with the regulatory authorities, and,
  • finally, the marketing campaign and the offer of shares for sale during the road show.

This process ends with the sale of all shares placed within the framework of this offer and the receipt by the company and / or its shareholders of proceeds.

At all stages of the work, we are ready to provide a full range of services to enter the stock exchange and provide the most qualified specialists.

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