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Progress Holding provides a wide range of services for companies. The main services are accounting services, incorporation in Poland and Ukraine.

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15 years of experience!

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Our company has been operating for 15 years, gaining experience in business services for SME. Among our clients  there are 2 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Accounting services for companies

we provide bookkeeping service companies with Polish and foreign capital. We focus on bookkeeping service for  export and import companies.

Payroll service – is very time consuming, we help you to get rid of bureaucratic work so that they have time to increase sales.

Handling Company Register issues – we prepare documents for changes in the National Court Register – Company Register, among others; PKD changes, owners management changes, purchase and sale of companies. We submit financial statements through the S24 system.

Company address – we provide the company address. We receive correspondence and respond to letters. Tax Offices likes to visit a representative of the company, especially when starting your business.

Licenses and certificates – a number of activities require obtaining a license, e.g. landing employees. Companies often obtain residence certificates. We will do it for you.

Incorporation in Poland and Ukraine

registration of a limited company is a convenient form of doing business. As the business develops, customers look for new markets or use new models of commodity or money flow.

Work permits for foreigners – on behalf of clients we obtain short term work permits and type A work permit. This is a time-consuming process full of administrative details.

Export and import service – we advise you on which documents to complete, which partners to choose for carrying out export and import transactions

Customers acquisition in Poland and Ukraine – we have 15 years of experience in introducing foreign companies to the Polish and Ukrainian market. In this respect we offer our clients free international marketplace portal

Loans and financing – every company needs funds for development, we fill out documents to obtain a loan. We provide consultancy for selection source of financing


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