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Capital markets reports

  • Bitcoin price increase

    The price of bitcoin cryptocurrency increased yesterday. At the moment it is 7 thousand dollars. It is the highest price since September 2018, and its growth in the last month is almost 30%. At the moment, the whole cryptocurrency market exceeded the value of 200 billion USD. This means that market capitalization has reached the

    13 May 2019
  • Import of goods to Poland from and outside the European Union – tax settlements and legal formalities

    When commencing foreign trade, you need to remember a few practical rules. For example, it will check the credibility of the selected counterparty, secure the transaction (inter alia by means of a letter of credit, i.e. a written obligation of the bank to pay a specified amount to the indicated person and within a specified

    6 May 2019
  • Import from China

    How to safely import from China As we know, China is today the second economy in the world (by GDP). Considering purchasing power parity, it turns out that they are number one, leaving the US behind. Chinese currency, yuan, belongs to the group of five that make up the IMF reserve. At the moment, the

    2 April 2019
  • Export to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

    The economies of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian countries are extremely susceptible to incoming incomes from the European Union, due to high trade rate with EU countries. Despite the fact that the economies of these countries are not large, they create new opportunities for exporters (increase in import and GDP). Taking, for example, Poland, its

    28 March 2019
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